GIFT CERT - Custom Coat

GIFT CERT - Custom Coat

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Perfect for Seattle-ish weather, our wool coats combine comfort and warmth along with your ability to select color/trim/lining materials. Give this gift by purchasing here and accessing our PRINTABLE Gift Certificate to assist in your gift-giving endeavors.

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• Orders include all shipping charges. Certificate may be redeemed up to 6 months from issuance.
•. Certificates bear the recipient’s name and may be emailed (PDF) or USMailed to you or directly to your recipient.
•. Delivery = to Seattle’s Fremont Sunday Market ($15 USMail forward otherwise) to any USA address).
• Orders take about 5/6 weeks for delivery.

•. We’ll need the recipient’s measurements - best results are having Dan take them in-person at Fremont Market on any Sunday he’s there. You may also visit him in Port Townsend for a private fitting.
• Measurements may also be done via Skype with Dan online: requires Skype, measuring tape, helper & 20 minutes.
•. If the recipient is not in/near Seattle and you’ll be ordering remotely, Dan will email the recipient images of fabric options/colors.

•. All priced include free pick-up at Seattle’s Fremont Sunday Market. USMail forwarding to any domestic address is also available for flat rates: $15 for suit combo and coat, $9 for 3-shirts.