GIFT CERT - 6pc Suit Combo (discounted shipping included)

GIFT CERT - 6pc Suit Combo (discounted shipping included)

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This is our most popular package. You may order online here and access our PRINTABLE CERTIFICATE so you can give a suit combo to a loved one. You send them to us for measuring - they’re in good hands.

Recipient large or tall? (over 230lbs or 6'4"):
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• Orders are placed and paid in Dec ‘18 or Jan ‘19. Certificate may be redeemed any time in 2019.
•. Certificates bear the recipient’s name and may be emailed (PDF) or USMailed to you or directly to your recipient.
•. Delivery = on/after March 24 at Seattle’s Fremont Sunday Market ($15 USMail forward otherwise).
• $22 Discounted freight included for 10/12 week turnaround (saves $22 off usual 5/6 week turnaround that’s $44).

•. We’ll need the recipient’s measurements - best results are having Dan take them in-person at Fremont Market on any Sunday in December including post-Christmas Sundays Dec 30th & Jan 6th.
• Measurements may also be done via Skype in January with Dan online: requires Skype, measuring tape, helper & 20 minutes.
•. If the recipient is not in/near Seattle and you’ll be ordering remotely, Dan will email the recipient images of fabric options/colors.

•. All priced include free pick-up at Seattle’s Fremont Sunday Market any time on/after March 24. USMail forwarding to any domestic address is also available for flat rates: $15 for suit combo and coat, $9 for 3-shirts.