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Made-to-measure shirts for men.

Get some shirts from us!


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 Good news!  - We're having a big sale on shirts for men!

Order your shirts made-to-measure, just the way you want them...

Dan recently visited our tailors in Vietnam and oh man...the fun materials on hand are blowing our minds (including bunnies, sharks, penguins, pineapples, bicycles and funky geometrics as well as dozens of vanilla stuff)!  Cloth yardage on some of these fun prints is limited, so order ASAP and we'll get your custom shirts going right away...

If you have ordered from us before, that means we have your measurements on file.  Be sure and indicate if you'd like any MEASUREMENT VARIATIONS from the last shirt we delivered to you, or simply indicate any recent changes on checkout.


Desire NEW MEASUREMENTS?  CLICK HERE to see our self-measuring guide.  All you need is a fabric tape measure (metric is best, but whatever you've got is fine), or here's an Amazon Prime one for $6.  If you're happy with your existing measurements that we have on file but you've gained or grown a little bit, or desire more/less anywhere, simply indicate your requested modification on checkout and we'll make it so...easy peasy!