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Dan and Melissa Groussman started Ruby Threads Cothiers in 2009 as an excuse to maintain their travel habit to Vietnam, which they've been visiting for nearly 20 years.  Also knows as "Ruby Suits" - their made-to-measure clothing venture has grown much since those early days and we now maintain relationships with several excellent tailors who we personally visit at least twice a year.   We focus on taking your custom clothing orders in the Seattle area and beyond and then working directly with the skilled artisans who make them.  By keeping the chain of supply simple and short, we're able to keep costs down while still maintaining ethical pay and practices for everyone involved.  We're well-known for customer personalization that would cost much more elsewhere.  Go on, get a suit from us!

Visit Dan at the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle or by appointment during the week to discuss your wedding group clothing needs. Or, contact him directly via email: RubyThreads@yahoo.com or use the widget below.

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