What's the turnaround time?

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Express shipping is available if you're in a pinch - simply contact us directly to explore this option.  You can get an order rush-delivered in as little as 2 weeks.

Hey, I'm not used to ordering from a guy in a tent on a street at one-day-a-week market, you sure this is legit?  

Dan is based in Port Townsend and commutes to the Fremont Sunday Market to give his Seattle clients a connection spot for custom clothing.  He's been doing the Market for over 20 years with his clothing and handmade leather wares.  By keeping our Seattle business footprint tidy and just weekly, we're able to keep our costs remarkably low, which we often hear is our most attractive feature of our clothing.

When you order, it's customary to put half down.  Dan accepts all the normal forms of payment right there in the booth.  You'll get a receipt with an explanation of the transaction and info about your planned pickup or USMail delivery date, whichever you select.  Our contact information is on our receipts and cards - It's easy to contact Dan midweek if you have any questions.

What's the best deal for a suit?

Our signature product is a suit combo:  a made-to-measure 3 piece suit (jacket, vest, pants), shirt, tie &. matching pocket square for $299 for average sized guys (+10-20% for large/tall).  It's OK to sub a second shirt for vest in any combo, we're asked all the time.  There are 2 shipping options available:  4-6 wk AIR is $44 (most orders), 2wk EXPRESS is $90 (if you're in a hurry).

What can I expect from these shirts & suits?

We're a bit like Costco - we focus on quality merchandise at low prices rather than fancy displays and glitzy packaging.  Our emphasis is on your clothing, period.  They will be expertly crafted and arrive in new condition, however, we don't pre-dry clean clothes or press them before folding up in a box for transit.  Your items may arrive wrinkled and with chalk marks (generated from the made-to-measure process).  Simply give your newly arrived threads a run through your washing machine (shirts) before wearing or have them cleaned/pressed professionally (suits/coats).  NOTE:  we recommend DRY CLEANING suits & coats.  We recommend LINE DRYING as the best way to increase the longevity of your new shirts.  Dryers are hard on shirts and heat can damage some components.

I'm a little squeamish when it comes to someone taking my measurements, I mean, do I have to take off my clothes or anything?

No, you don't have to take off all your clothes, but this is a common worry.  Relax.  Dan's good at getting all your measurements quickly and professionally with you just standing there comfortably.  While its normal for some clients to feel awkwardness, the process is actually no big deal; it's more intimate than getting a parking ticket but less intimate than getting a haircut.

What's the content of the materials?

When you visit Dan at the suit booth, he has many material to choose from, including linen, silk, rayon, cotton and blends.  For this website shirt special however, we are focusing on our most popular materials, which are a blend of about 90% cotton and 10% poly-content.  We've found that this popular blend makes for the best shirts which will wash well, last for years, don't wrinkle very easily, won't fade or deteriorate and have colors that won't run.  Simply put, it's the best material for the purpose at hand.

Are these clothes made ethically?

Yes, of course!  We're of like mind with you regarding this concern - we believe in ethical business practices.  Your clothing is made by adults who are professionals that own their own businesses.  Not just that, but we've been friends with them for years and often have coffee and lunch together.  We don't dictate wages or regulate work conditions as we work with independent family run businesses, just like ours.  We negotiate a price that's good for them and good for us.  


Feel free to contact us with further questions - we're here to help.


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