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GET YOURSELF MEASURED! - To get yourself measured for a suit, please contact Dan directly and set up a suit-sizing appointment, or, simply swing by the Fremont Sunday Market and check out his SUIT BOOTH.  He's got hundreds of materials and dozens of suit styles to choose from.  Order and pick up right there at the Market.  You may also visit him in Port Townsend during the week for a private sizing session..

We're best known for our made-to-measure suits.  Dan works the SUIT BOOTH at the FREMONT SUNDAY MARKET in Seattle regularly throughout the year where he can acquire your measurements for free with your suit order.  Measuring for a suit is a tricky endeavor and so we're not currently advocating for self-measuring, however, shirts are a bit more forgiving so you can measure yourself; or now, we're going to take custom shirt orders through this website and instruct customers how to self-measure.  If you've purchased from us before, we've got your measurements on file!

The following are flat-rate freight fees for our popular basic 3pc suit+shirt+tie+pocket square combo:
Normal delivery - $44 - 5/6 weeks (delivery to Fremont Market) +$15 for USMail forwarding if desired.
Rush delivery - $95 - 2 weeks (delivery to Fremont Market) +$15 for USMail forwarding if desired.

For Dan's schedule at the FREMONT SUNDAY MARKET, go to our Facebook page or to